The Mesopotamian and biblical sources present strong evidence that the orbital period of the 12th Planet is 3,600 years. The number 3,600 was written in Sumerian as a large circle. The epithet for the planet, shar, also meant "a perfect circle" or "a completed cycle". It also meant the number 3,600. The identity of the three terms - planet/orbit/3,600 - could not be a mere coincidence. The reign periods (a Sumerian text) gives are also perfect multiples of the 3,600 year shar. The conclusion that suggests itself is that these shar's of rulership were related to the orbital period shar, 3,600 years.

sumerian diagram by Z. SitchinMany of the Cylinder seals describe the movements of the planet and the three crucial points at which its appearance can be observed and charted from earth. The first opportunity to observe the 12th planet as its orbit brings it back to the Earth's vicinity , then, was when it aligned with Mercury (Point A) - by our calculations, at an angle of 30 degrees to the imaginary celestial axis of Sun-Earth-perigee. Coming closer to the Earth and thus appearing to "rise" farther in the Earth's skies (another 30 degrees), the planet crossed the orbit of Jupiter at (Point B). Finally arriving at the place where Planet X originally Hit the primitive Earth (Point C)

The actual expectations for the return of the Kingdom of Heaven, was thus based on the actual experiences of Earth's people: their witnessing the periodic return of the 12th planet. 

The planet's periodic appearance and disappearance from Earth's view confirms the assumptions of its permanence in the solar orbit. In this it acts like many comets. 

All the people of the ancient world considered the periodic nearing of the 12th Planet as a sign of great upheavals, great changes, and new eras. The Mesopotamian texts spoke of the planet's periodic appearance as an anticipated, predictable, and observable event. "The great planet, at his appearance dark red." The day itself was described by the Old Testament as a time of rains, inundation's, and earthquakes.

If we think of the Old Testament (hebrew) based biblical passages as referring, like their Mesopotamian counterparts, to the passage in Earth's vicinity of a large planet with a strong gravitational pull, the words of Isaiah can be plainly understood. "From a far away land they came, from the end-point of Heaven do the Lord and his weapons of wrath come to destroy the whole Earth. Therefore will I agitate the Heaven and Earth shall be shaken out of its place. When the Lord of Hosts shall be crossing, the day of his burning wrath." 

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