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Casting stone, Antique stone finish
24"W x 13"H (60 x 34 cm)

Sumerian Anunnaki & The Tree of Life
Actual Stone Tablet Replica

Ashurnasirpal Relief - Nimrud (ancient Kalhu)
Neo-Assyrian, 883-859 BC.

Now you can have your very own "sumerian replica" stone artifact showing a classic scene of Anunnaki and the Tree of Life. Also shown above the tree is the classic "Winged Disk".


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Casting Stone, Antique Stone Finish 18"H (45 cm)


Anunnaki - A Sumerian God

Actual Stone Tablet Replica

Eagle Spirit - Palace of Assurnasirpal II Nimrud
Assyria ca 875-860 B.C.

This amazing stone replica shows an amazing detailed view of a Sumerian Anunnaki God. Also with a strip of cuneiform text with very accurate detail of the original artifact!


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