Click to WatchNASA scientists have found a new world orbiting the solar system – more than 3 billion kilometers further away from the Sun than Pluto and 40 years away from Earth in a space shuttle.

The discovery of Sedna – 10 billion kilometers from Earth – is a testament to the new generation of high-powered telescopes like the Spitzter Telescope. (formerly known as SIRTF)

Measurements suggest Sedna's diameter is almost 2000km – the biggest find in the solar system since Pluto was discovered 74 years ago. It is believed to be made of ice and rock, and is slightly smaller than Pluto. This reported size in much to small to be a candidate for the "Planet X" or "Nibiru" as described by the Sumerian Culture.

The find will re-ignite the debate over what constitutes a planet. Some scientists claim even Pluto is too small to count as one. According to astronomer Michael Brown of the California Institute of Technology, who discovered Sedna, there could be many other new worlds orbiting the Sun and waiting to be discovered. This leads to the idea that "planet x" might be discovered soon...

"Sedna is very big, and much further out than previous discoveries," he said. "I'm pretty sure there are other large bodies up there too." Too learn more about these topics, watch the 90min lecture I gave recently The Seatch for Planet X.

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