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Xfacts.com is one of the leading niche sites in the field of Ufology. Xfacts is the official site for topics such as Planet X, Nibiru, and the Ancient Astronaut theory. Plus, when you show your ads on the Xfacts network, your ads are served to other leading sites in the community.

Xfacts Traffic and Demographics:

Monthly Site Traffic:

Unique Visitors: 310,000
Total Page Views: 623,000
Total Hits: 3,500,000


62% Male, 38% Female
78% Age 18-49; 74% Age 25-54
55% HHI $50K+
45% are college grads+


Compared with other entertainment Web sites,
Xfacts.com has more:

• DVD/video and book buyers
• Gamers
• Science-fiction/horror/action-adventure
• IT professionals
• IT-purchasing decision makers
• Online shoppers

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Custom made html/flash banners - Included

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Sections within our network where your ads will be served:

Xfacts Ad Pages include:

468x60 Banner ads
Ancient Artifacts (500 pages)
Video Lectures (300 pages)
Ancient Astronaut Pages (15 pages)
Planet X Research pages (7 pages)
Mars Research section (3 pages)

Xfacts.com homepage
Site Map Page
Updates Section
Xfacts Syndicated Content

Other Sites that will show your ads:

Each of the sites listed below will show your ad on their main page.

1 ) Mars-Earth.com
2 ) Xlectures.com
3 ) Alienscalpel.com
4 ) AncientX.com
4 ) Xfacts.com (newly added 700 pages!!!)

Ad Tracking and Performance - Detailed Reports:

Accurate Tracking:
Each advertiser account is password-protected and reports can be viewed as HTML or exported to EXCEL.

XFacts maintains a comprehensive log of hits and click-thru information in the backend database for full reporting.

Rich Media Support:
Multiple types of ads supported : Use GIFs, JPEGs, Animated GIFs, Text ads, HTML banners, Flash banners, Java Applets, Rich Media banners, and 3rd party ad serve.

Advertising Packages and Prices:

468x60 banner
(25k max file size)

1 Month Ad


3 Month Ad


6 Month Ad


*Upon completion of payment, we will begin creation of your banner if one is not provided. Banner creation usually takes less than 6 hours from time of payment. If banner is attached to an email and sent upon payment, your banner will go into rotation immediately.

If banner creation is needed, please feel free to email us, and we will contact you immediately to hear your needs and requirements.

Contact Us here: jason@xfacts.com


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