Blindsided! by Mis-Information - Planet X

When 2004 comes and goes, so will the people like Mark Hazelwood and Nancy Leider. Are you willing to bet your life on this 2004 information? If so, you are in for a reality check when the predicted time comes and goes. It's not gonna happen. Show me one shred of actual evidence for the 2004 / Planet X information. There is none!

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"One telling point against the supposed return of the mystery Planet X, as far as I am concerned, is that the next encounter is claimed to be no more than a year away. If so, that already puts the mystery Planet X within range of the Space Watch programme, which, so far as I know, from the multitude of astronomy bulletins I receive, has found nothing but a lot of asteroids." - Bruce Thompson with NASA / August 11, 2002

Zecharia Sitchin, the first scholar to uncover the Sumerian information, has not stated publicly when he feels Nibiru will return. Based on Sitchin's interpretations of the Sumerian information, Nibiru does not always effect our planet with it's inner passage between Jupiter and Mars. Nibiru has been orbiting our sun for 4.7 billion years or so. Since Nibiru's orbit is 3,600 years, it has already made millions or orbits around our sun.

It is very possible that Nibiru does not always cause havoc on earth each time is passes. All the people proclaiming that Planet X has a 3,600 year orbit, got this from Sitchin. But somehow through mis-information, people seem to forget that fact.

Some people think they are in a position to say "Sitchin is wrong, and I am right, just look at my information..." Zecharia Sitchin was the first scholar to bring the public's attention to the Sumerian understanding of Planet X (Nibiru). All the people pushing their own information on the topic of Planet X, seem to have forgotten the 30 years of research that Sitchin and mainstream astronomy have accomplished.

Sitchin has clearly stated that Planet X will not be returning in 2004 based off his understanding of the Sumerian Nibiru. This new idea that Planet X will return in 2004 is completely false. Look at the people who are proposing the return of planet X in 2004, does their research out weigh that of Zecharia Sitchin? Not even close!