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Alien Implant Removal 2010

by admin on May.02, 2010, under Xfacts Archive

I attended this event on invitation from Dr. Roger Leir. There were many  notable people that attended.

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Ancient Aliens

by admin on May.02, 2010, under Xfacts Archive

This information poses an interesting Hypothesis that the “anunnaki” are the GODS as described by the Sumerians, and they had “Android Beings” helping them. Today’s modern UFO’s and Alien Contacts being reported have a strong similarity to the Ancient descriptions of the “anunnaki” Android Beings. When we look at the descriptions of our modern “grey alien”, we can clearly see that they do not look like us, or the anunnaki. Rather, they look like the ancient humanoid depictions of Figurines. The majority of Abduction cases usually have a similar story to them in that the Aliens abducting them will perform medical experience and sometimes experiments having to do with human reproduction.

The Sumerian Culture, which dates back to 6,000 BC, is the oldest known culture on Earth. Even today we still use the same Mathematical system, Calendar, and Time as they created it so long ago. Since we have the evidence left over today, 6,000 years later, we can see similarities between what they had then, and what we have now.

The Sumerians describe Planet X as being very far from Earth at times, (roughly 30,000,000,000) miles away at it’s farthest point from us in orbit. This would make it rather difficult to travel back and forth between the two planets if separated by so much of a distance.

The Sumerians had amazing knowledge of the solar system, and of their GODS coming down to Earth. They also tell of another being that they described in our terms as “Android Beings”. The Sumerians tell us that the anunnaki had “helpers” that often performed such tasks as flying their craft , or helping with miscellaneous needs. The Sumerians directly explain that these “Helpers” we not alive, but acted as so…

Not only did they make figurines of the visitors, they also wrote down in Cuneiform text (on stone) what took place during the encounters with these “Android Beings”. Their are many stories where Emissaries of GOD helped out in one way or another.

Is it possible that the Greys were created by the anunnaki as “Watchers” to oversee their experiments here on earth? If the anunnaki are the GODS spoken about in all ancient texts and even the Modern Bible, then it is possible that they could have also created an “Android Race” aside from creating humans.

Maintaining the idea that the anunnaki really do exist on Nibiru (planet X), and they created man using Genetic Engineering thousands of years ago, then it makes sense that they would have quite an interest in us. We might be one of their grandest experiments.

What if they also experimented with other species OFF the planet Earth. If the anunnaki exist, then there are also MANY other races on other planets as well. This would only be logical. Maybe the anunnaki also used a mix between the known “ZETAS” or “GREYS” and created an Android race to serve the anunnaki.

When we analyze the descriptions of Aliens from people who claim to have been abducted, most of the aliens are described as being small grey beings that have large eyes, a bulbous head, and act almost “Android” like.

click to see more!Through the great works of scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin and Lloyd Pye, we have learned that the anunnaki are said to have created Humans from the primitive man already here, and combined their genes with the primitive Neanderthal to create us.

(In their image and after their likeness – just like the bible)

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Planet X 2010 Research – Jason Martell

by admin on Apr.20, 2010, under Xfacts Archive

What is the latest research for the discovery of a planet X?

Recently, NASA has brought up the notion that there is a large body sending comets and debris into the sun caused by a large Nemesis planet. THis is very similar to what the ancient sumerian culture says about their ancient planet “nibiru”.

It is interesting to note that NASA is not starting to acknowledge references of this Nemesis planet mentioned in various cultures but thought till now to just be myth. See latest article from modern science showing this might be FACT!

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Travel To Eygpt with Jason Martell in 2010

by admin on Apr.04, 2010, under Xfacts Archive

$4,100 Per Person / Double occupancy

Departing from JFK, NY Including Nile Cruise  
Program September 2010. 6 Nights Cairo /
4 Nights / 5 Days Cruise / 2 Nights, Luxor (13 Days, 12 Nights)

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Paranormal Mobile Application

by admin on Apr.04, 2010, under Xfacts Archive


Report Paranormal Sightings from your iPhone. Upload your sightings and see paranomral activity in your area via the Sightings Map.

Watch 1000’s of Paranormal videos. Meet and share your sightings with other people interested in paranormal activity.

Grab a Banner for your site:

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NASA now looking for a Planet X / Nemesis Planet

by admin on Mar.22, 2010, under Xfacts Archive

A brown dwarf in relation to Earth, Jupiter, a low-mass star and the sun.

This diagram shows a brown dwarf in relation to Earth, Jupiter, a low-mass star and the sun. Photo: NASA

The star, also known as Nemesis, is five times the size of Jupiter and could be to blame for the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The bombardment of icy missiles is being blamed by some scientists for mass extinctions of life that they say happen every 26 million years. Nemesis is predicted to lie at a distance equal to 25,000 times that of the Earth from the Sun, or a third of a light-year.

Astronomers believe it is of a type called a red or brown dwarf – a “failed star” that has not managed to generate enough energy to burn like the Sun. But it should be detectable by a heat-sensitive space telescope called WISE, the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer. Launched last year, WISE began surveying the skies in January. It is expected to discover a 1000 brown dwarfs within 25 light-years of the Sun – right on our cosmic doorstep – before its coolant runs out in October.

The nearest normal star to us is around 4.5 light-year away. Our solar system is thought to be surrounded by a vast sphere of icy bodies, twice as far away as Nemesis, called the Oort Cloud. Some get kicked in towards the planets as comets – giant snowballs of ice, dust and rock – and the suggestion is that the Death Star’s gravitational influence is to blame. The paleontologists David Raup and Jack Sepkoski discovered that, over the last 250 million years, life on Earth has been devastated on a 26-million-year cycle. Comet impacts are suggested as a likely cause for these catastrophes.

A similar impact by an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, a major inquest by scientists concluded last week, though that is not being blamed on Nemesis. Most stars have one or more companion stars orbiting around each other, which would make the sun’s single status unusual. A major clue to Nemesis’s existence is a mysterious dwarf planet called Sedna that was spotted on an elongated 12,000-year-long orbit around the sun.

Mike Brown, who discovered Sedna in 2003, said: “Sedna is a very odd object – it shouldn’t be there! It never comes anywhere close to any of the giant planets or the sun. It’s way, way out there on this incredibly eccentric orbit. The only way to get on an eccentric orbit is to have some giant body kick you – so what is out there?” Professor John Matese, of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, says most comets in the inner solar system seem to come from the same region of the Oort Cloud – launched by the pull of a companion star to the sun that scatters comets in its wake.

He suggests it is up to five times the size of Jupiter or 7,000 times the size of Earth. He said: “There is statistically significant evidence that this concentration of comets could be caused by a companion to the Sun.”


From Jason Martell:

Could planet X have killed the Dinosaurs, what is the Nemesis theory?

When we pointed Hubble at new solar systems found, an interesting pattern seemed to emerge. Almost 90% of external solar systems had “2 suns”, a binary solar system.

Immediately the idea of a “planet X” in our solar system started to seem more possible with the idea that we also have 2 suns. (binary) However our “other sun” is a failed star or Brown dwarf. Due to the immense dust clouds and debris in space, we have not been able to properly image this star. However the research presented by Dr. Muller at Berkley suggested Nemesis. He projected a large planet that orbited this failed sun dislodged comets in the Ourt cloud sending that debris towards earth inevitably killing the dinosaurs.

Image References:




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WHERE did humankind come from?

by admin on Feb.16, 2010, under Xfacts Archive


If you’re going to ask Zecharia Sitchin, be ready for a “Planet of the Apes” scenario: spaceships and hieroglyphics, genetic mutations and mutinous space aliens in gold mines.

It sounds like science fiction, but Mr. Sitchin is sure this is how it all went down hundreds of thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia. Humans were genetically engineered by extraterrestrials, he said, pointing to ancient texts to prove it.

In Mr. Sitchin’s Upper West Side kitchen, evolution and creationism collide. He is an apparently sane, sharp, University of London-educated 89-year-old who has spent his life arguing that people evolved with a little genetic intervention from ancient astronauts who came to Earth and needed laborers to mine gold to bring back to Nibiru, a planet we have yet to recognize.

Outlandish, yes, but also somehow intriguing from this cute, distinguished old man whom you may have seen shuffling slowly down Broadway with his cane, and thought, “Is Art Carney still alive?”

So you bring your laptop to his kitchen table, as if to take dictation, and ask what to write about him. He pads slowly to the stove and puts on the kettle.

“Well, you could start by calling me the most controversial 89-year-old man in New York,” Mr. Sitchin says. “Or you could just say I write books. I understand you’ve got to have an opening sentence, but describing my theories in a sentence, or even something like a newspaper article, is impossible. It will make me look silly.”

Mr. Sitchin has been called silly before — by scientists, historians and archaeologists who dismiss his theories as pseudoscience and fault their underpinnings: his translations of ancient texts and his understanding of physics. And yet, he has a devoted following of readers.

His 13 books, with names like “Genesis Revisited” and “The Earth Chronicles,” have sold millions of copies and been translated into 25 languages…

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Latest Lecture Slides

by admin on Feb.01, 2010, under Xfacts Archive

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