Faked Planet X images

This image was claimed to be a shot of Planet X by Mark Hazelwood which he had posted on his site up until the time the image was proven to be a fake. I wonder what other misinformation people are willing to believe in?

The image was quickly identified as a picture of one of Jupiter's moons, Io. This image is from the Hubble Space Telescope and was featured on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day page on June 23, 1997.

ZetaTalk images noise, not Planet X

Imaging at September 15, 2002 Coordinates

These images were analyzed by the Zetatalk supporters and 3 faint blips were found. The "Zetas" themselves spoke up and informed the world that 2 of the candidates were Planet X! Yes, that's right, 2 Planet X in one image! The Zetatalk explanation is that red light bends and so the red light from Planet X was in one spot and the white light in another.

Zetas Identify Which Candidate is Correct

Red Light Bending at 9/15/2002 Spot

Of course Zetatalk can not explain why all the other stars and planets only have
one image when Planet X is supposed to have 2.

It is doubtful that anyone believes these silly claims, even Zetatalk supporters. A french Zetatalk supporter did his own analysis and concluded that there was nothing in the recent images. He even wonders if it is possible to image Planet X, attempting to understand why nothing is there.

French Zetatalk supporter's site

Several astronomers familiar with CCD imaging have analyzed the images and found that the spots that the "Zetas" claim to be Planet X are actually image defects on 2 of the 30 images. Apparently with CCD imaging, multiple images are taken and then combined or "stacked" to amplify any dim objects but remove noise that may appear on only a few of the images.

Zetatalk Circling Noise in 09-21-2002 Imaging

Steve Havas's Uncorrected Defects

So the long awaited coordinates were given, images taken, and still no Planet X.